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2034Most attractive to tourists
Tourism and traveling
Spain is one of the most attractive tourist destination in the world. It offers a rich cultural, geographical ,and climate diversity. Bound by the Atlantic Ocean on the west and the Mediterranean Sea from the south and east with long beautiful beaches, and spectacular interior mountain ranges like the long series of high Sierra Nevada in Andalusia and Pyrenees territory in the north on the border with France. The environmental and climate diversity is among Spain’s richest resources. This diversity becomes evident with the transition from the very high snow covered mountains to the sunny vast plains covered by olive groves and wheat fields. The magical nature of Spain has helped it to develop the tourist industry aiming to satisfy all amateur traveller curiosities and needs. Spain is a big open museum, many of historical buildings have remained intact today, several architectural structures in Spain, and even portions of cities. Spain is home to several fine examples of medieval architectural; outside of the areas that were under Muslim control, these are primarily in the Romanesque and Gothic styles. The excellent modern highway infrastructure , the international and local airports, ports and railway network, all make travelling in Spain convenient and enjoyable . A variety of hotels to suit everyone including small simple hotels without the luxurious tourist complexes with their restaurants and commercial markets, swimming and golf courses. Despite the price increase in recent years, Spain remains one of the cheapest European countries which made it a destination for 79 million tourists during the year 2006. The tourists in Spain will find all what he wants in this country of diverse and multiple activities. He could ski in the north or in the Sierra Nevada of Granada, and then move to enjoy swimming and riding waves at the southern beaches. During the day he could visit the archaeological sites like Alhambra in Granada, Cordoba mosque, and at night he could enjoy the an exciting night life, or a quiet dinner deal in a restaurant under the beautiful magical nights of Spain. Also Spain is the land of fiestas. In every single city, town and village there is a festival of some kind. The Spanish festivals are colourful, vibrant, usually extremely noisy, often chaotic and always great fun, where you will enjoy celebrations with deep-rooted tradition.

Our services in the field of tourism :

We provide a broad package of services for those wishing to vacation in Spain or for those wishing to know the stock and tremendous cultural diversity represented by this country.

Our tourism programs:

First: We organize tourist programs which guarantee you an unforgettable holiday in Spain.

We have prepared for you a bouquet of programs to fit your dreams. These programs may be designed for a single person, married couple (Program for the Eradication honeymoon), a family with children, or program for tourist groups.

Program I City of Dreams: it is confined to visit one city. It starts with welcoming you at your arrival station and a farewell at the depart station. The duration of this program, ranging between a few hours to three days, according to your desire. it is suitable for you if you are in one of the Spanish cities to for business and you do not have time to visit other cities.

Program II Know this province. it contains the visit of the most important monuments and cities in one of the Spanish provinces, just Like Catalonia, Andalusia. The duration of this program between a week and ten days.

Program III The happy island. includes the visit to one of the Spanish islands, Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean, Or Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The visit of the last one includes the option to travel by sea from one port, or with Spanish air away from a Spanish airports.

program IIII Knowing Spain. it includes the visit to the most Spanish provinces and the most important cities from north to south and from east to west. Duration of this program between two and ten days.

Program V Love life: This program is dedicated to couples who want to celebrate a honeymoon or relive a dear memory. Only Tell us what you prefer and we’ll ensure you an unforgettable holiday in a wonderful hotel at the beach or a mountain with a tour of nearby cities. This program will specify the tour guide after it is arranged, and will stay in contact with you to supply your needs.

Program VI My favourite team: “Would you like to attend the games in the Spanish league and make a tour on the city where it plays the match and a visit to your favourite team’s stadium and headquarters? This program is designed for football lovers.

Program VII Bold sun: for the lovers of the sea, Sunbathing and water games. We’ll take you to the most beautiful Spanish landscape beaches, To La Costa del Sol y it’s fantastic and most wanted cities, Benalmádena , Marbella and Fuengirola.

Program VIII Lovely snow : for the skiing amateur. This program guarantees you a wonderful holiday full of activity in one of the skiing resorts and skiing centers of the Sierra Nevada (Granada), or Baqueira-Beret in the Alps in Catalonia.

Program IX Through the historical roads: It allows you to know the invaders ways. You can follow Hannibal’s steps from the south to the France’s frontiers, and Umayyad’s roads. This program show you the most important Spanish cultural and architectural monuments.

Prices of these programs include

  • Airplane ticket (Round trip)
  • Travel costs within Spanish territory. (Prices vary depending on the different means of chosen transport, bus or car).
  • Accommodation costs. (Prices vary depending on the different classification of the hotel you choose).
  • Tourist spoken English Guide.
  • Prices of the tickets of the places and monuments, which are visited (museums, palaces, concerts Wrestling Bulls).
  • The reception from the airport to the residence and farewell at departure.

These programs can be modified, condensing or prolonging duration. We organize special programs for those specific activities of hiking, Riding horses, Diving, Wilderness tours on foot or by four by four vehicles pay quartet. We can also include visits programs to Portugal and southern France.

» Second: services and facilities for incoming and travelling to Spain.

  • Make reservations for tour places and sites in Spain.
  • Make reservations for football matches in the Spanish league.
  • Make reservation for concerts BULLFIGHT.
  • Secure a personal meeting with your favourite football player.
  • Spoken English tour guide.
  • You can order Spain tourist guide in English, French, German or Russian with the modern tourist Atlas of Spain. We are currently working to make this tour guide in Arabic.
  • You can requested only one or more of these services already offered in our programs independently.
  • For more information about the prices, programs details or any of our services, please contact the Tourist
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