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2024Businessmen services
Businessmen services
"Spain is one of the most important countries that will attract investments in the world. It has a strong diversified economy, and a stable legal structure that promotes and protects investments. The Spanish economy has turned from an agricultural economy to a diversified economy in which industry and the services sector have major share of the gross national product. The nineties have seen an accelerating rise in the rate of economic growth in spite of the stagnated European economies for that period. The growth continued in the past decade with the continuing liberalization of the economy and tax reform aimed at attracting more investments. Spain’s economy today ranks eighth in the world, fourth in industrial strength, and is the second largest in tourism. It ranks tenth in the world and fourth in Europe for standard of living. Itemez Spanish economy characterizes by stability and flexibility and transparency. Spain has a low level corruption, it was ranked third among the 158 member countries of the Organization for Transparency International. Spain has a strong and modern integrated infrastructure includes a modern transportation network of highways, regional and international airports, and the many ports designed for the reception of passengers or cargo from all over the world. There is also a strong banking system that is wide-spread nationally with a strong international banking network which allows it to offer many options and services like lending, finance and transfer of money to and from each country in the world."

Spain has a refined and sophisticated educational system that ensures supply of all economic sector’s needs of both skilled or endorsed certificates.

Spanish government adopts a policy aimed at attracting investments and encouraging them to enter the Spanish market and formulated laws to support and implement this policy. Among these policies is the granting of loans and privileges for investors who aspire to enter the Spanish market. The rate of the loan is up to 50% of the value of the project depending on the type of project and the location. The Spanish government has divided the country into two zones, the first witch has high elements of a development, and the second with specific projects and priorities depending on economic conditions and specific factors. That diversity enjoyed by the Spanish economy has provided investors with many available options of high and reliable profit opportunities.

The most important sectors that draw investments in Spain are:

  • The tourism sector: Tourism sector contributes about 6% of Spanish gross national and is witnessing a continuous steady growth. Spain is the second most-visited destination in the world. Also the domestic tourism is witnessing an accelerating growth. Spain’s geographical location and its climate, biodiversity and cultural heritage help the growth of this sector.
  • The real estate sector: The sector witnessed tremendous strides during the last fiftieth years. The demand of real state in Spain is increasing. In spite of the successive rise in real estate prices in recent years, it is still lower than other European countries. Reasons for this growth in the real estate market is due in part to the fact that many Europeans started to buy properties in Spanish beaches or Spanish islands in order live there or for investment. Also due to a huge investments from the Arabian Gulf.
  • The food and agricultural industries: This sector enjoys certain breaks and privileges from the Spanish government or the European Union.
  • Mining and mineral wealth: The investor in this sector can benefit from breaks and loans up to 24% of the value of the project.
  • Energy sector: Also includes alternative energy projects and the rationalization of energy consumption. The investor could obtain loans covering up to 40% of the value of the project.
  • Tech sector: This sector benefit from the breaks and loans provided by the government depending on the type of project, whether production technology or communications technology or chemical technology , medicine or otherwise.

The services we provide to the businessman or investor coming to Spain:
  • I. Provide feasibility studies of projects and economic assistance in completing the steps to set up the project from the beginning until the start of the cross-up and prosecute all legal and administrative details.
  • II. Studies of the market, import and export opportunities between Spain and your country, also facilitate contacts between businessmen and their counterparts in Spain.
  • III. Provide effective and practical legal advice on a comprehensive range of commercial issues, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, real estate and trade.
  • IIII. The purchase of all kind of real estate.
  • V. The translation of documents into English to Spanish and vice versa. The ratification of documents assets by the competent authorities.
  • VI. English translator.
  • VII. Securing flight bookings on international or regional flights within Spanish territory. Also we can make reservations to other modes of transport within Spanish territory, or the arrival or departure from Spain.
  • VIII. Secure hotel reservations and rentals of apartments furnished or unfurnished apartments
  • IX. Airport reception service.
  • X. Provide security escorts for clients
  • XI. The organization of meetings and conferences.
  • XII. Car rentals with/without driver. With the possibility of English speaking driver.

“Any services that are not included within this page could be requested via the Section of Businessmen Services. You can request one service or a package of services or modify the items above to match your needs.

In all cases you will deal with the Section of Businessmen Services on the details and prices of these items. For more details about our services, please contact us via telephone code below, or send a letter to the mailing address or send email to the title of Section businessmen.”

2024Translation services
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