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2022Real estate in Spain
Everything you need to buy a property in Spain
The real estate sector in Spain is considered a promising and good sector for investment. We help you buy the property you want in any region or city in Spain. Whether you want an apartment, a plot of land, a villa, a chalet, or anything else, we can offer you options that suit you. Our services include communicating with the seller, carrying out administrative transactions, and registering in the real estate registry. Contact us and we will guide you to what suits you.
This site is an advanced technological platform dedicated to real estate dealers – individuals, private or governmental institutions, companies and banks – all over the Arab country for the purpose of real estate exchange, such as selling, buying, renting, or any other form of real estate investment in Spain, benefiting from the services provided by the site. To his visitors.. In designing the site, we took into account the use of modern technologies available and spent most of our attention on adapting them to the visitor in order to provide him with benefit and enjoyment of browsing as basic pillars. We hope that the visitor will notice how much we care about these pillars on every page of the site. As for customer service, you will find, dear visitor, that we are always keen to answer your inquiries and fulfill your requests within 24 hours. Spain Gateway employs multidisciplinary expertise that qualifies it to be a leader in the field of real estate investment in Spain. These expertise are concentrated in the areas of real estate evaluation and management, sales and marketing, and property and facilities management. The company has developed a wide consulting network that provides services with additional expertise, such as feasibility studies, urban development, and land evaluation, in addition to engineering designs and construction. The company benefits from a wide network of relationships in Spain and from a deep and accurate knowledge of the country’s economy, its development, the expected prospects for this development, and the paths it is expected to take in the coming years. It is in the process of studying a project to grant residency to those who invest a certain amount in purchasing a property on Spanish territory. How can we help you? We invest our experience and relationships that we have built in Spain in helping you buy and manage the property, starting from choosing what suits your capabilities until completing the legal and administrative procedures. After that, we help you in the process of managing the property, from paying taxes to maintenance to renting the property if you wish, and there are many forms of leasing. Renting furnished or unfurnished houses, long-term rental, seasonal rental, and daily rental. We also provide you with the necessary legal and administrative consultations. ​ Learn more about real estate investment opportunities in Spain [here]

كيف نستطيع أن نساعدك؟

نستثمر خبراتنا وعلاقاتنا التي بنيناها في إسبانيا في مساعدتك على شراء وإدارة العقار، بداية من اختيار ما يناسب إمكاناتك حتى إتمام الإجراءات القانونية والإدارية بعد ذلك نساعدك في عملية إدارة العقار، من دفع الضرائب إلى الصيانة إلى تأجير العقار إذا ما رغبت، وهنالك أشكال عديدة للتأجير، تأجير البيوت المفروشة أو من غير أثاث، التأجير لفترات طويلة، التأجير الموسمي والتأجير اليومي. كما نزودك بالاستشارات القانونية والإدارية اللازمة.

اعرف المزيد عن فرص الاستثمار في العقارات في إسبانيا [هنا]

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