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2024Students and studying
Study in Spain
"The oldest universities in Europe started in Spain. To this day Spain remains the first to develop and improve its educational system, which combines well estaxblished traditions and state of the art scientifical technology. The state guarantees free and compulsory education from the age of six until secondary school. Spain has developed an extensive network of universities and institutions that graduate specialists in all the fields. You can study in Spain and make your dream come true. The study options range is wide open from languages study, to literature, law, business administration, applied science, technology, medicine and engineering. Spanish universities guarantee an excellent level of education equivalent to a sophisticated level by the best universities in Europe and the United States of America. The premiums study in Spanish universities are low compared with those of the European and American countries such as England or the United States. Registration in Spanish universities open for those students from all over the world. There are conditions required to be able to register at the university. These requirements differ for those who want to complete their studies in a Spanish university after be licensed from a foreign university."

The required conditions to accept students at the university:

  • Termination of the Spanish language phase and preparation for the Spanish university entrance exam (for graduates of the secondary stage).
  • The completion of Spanish language stage only (for holders of bachelor’s and master’s certificates).
  • Passing the entrance examination for the universities with the specific scores required by each specialty.
  • Request enrolment to a course in a Spanish university, which begins in June every year.
  • Payment of quarterly tuition.

Our services

“Our agency provides wide range of services for students who wish to complete their studies in Spain:

  • I. To send acceptance of a Spanish universities: to ensure this service, it necessary to send us some of the requested documents.

    For those wishing to study in the first university level ( diploma):

  • For those wishing to complete their studies at a Spanish senior university (Masters or Ph.D.).
  • Three photographs of the passport (the page that shows the name and date of expiry of the passport).
  • A Spanish translation of the graduation document. These must be certified from the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs of the requesting country in addition to ratification from the Spanish embassy in the country.
  • Translation of the revealing notes during the university study.
    These must be certified from the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs of the requesting country in addition to a ratification from the Spanish embassy in the country.
  • II. Registration and securing an acceptance from the Language Institute
  • III. Secure the desired accommodation for the students; a small apartment, A room with the family or Shared accommodation.
  • IIII. Reception from the airport to the residence.
  • V. Amendment of the certificate.
  • VI. Health insurance.
  • VII. Translation of documents and assets ratification by the competent authorities.
  • VIII. Follow-up of legal and administrative matters for the student throughout the first year of study.

You can request one or more of these services. For more information about these services and price’s details, please write to us at the Students and University Studies Section’ Email:”

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