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2024Health and cure
The best health systems in the world.
"The health system in Spain is one of the best health systems in the world. The State ensures an adequate health insurance for all its citizens. This system is based on a modern infrastructure of a huge network of hospitals, clinics and specialty clinics equipped with the latest technology. The medical schools at the universities work in collaboration with specialized laboratories and hospitals on the research and delivery of advanced medical help in finding new ways to cure many incurable diseases and developing medication to make it more effective and improve the chances of recovery. There are also privet institutions operating n addition to the state funding of such researches . The hard and continued work of all these institutions; faculties of medicine, research institution, and research centres; has created an efficient and effective cadre of doctors, nurses and specialists working on all service and patient care in order to grant the best opportunities for healing and recovery. This integrated health system has made many people from all over the world resort to hospitals and clinics in Spain in search of better opportunities for treatment. Spain is well known for their progress in certain branches of medicine such eye, nerve. The treatment cost in Spain is low compared to other parts of Europe."

Our services:

To assist you in obtaining treatment in Spain we have a range of services to ensure an integrated and effective collaboration and delivery guaranteed comfort and stability throughout your presence in Spain. These services include:

  • Acceptance of the patient in a Spanish hospital. For this service you are required to send us a biographical summary of the disease and analysis and tests conducted in addition to the supervising physician’s evaluation of the condition. An image of the passport (pages showing name and picture history and the end of the passport) is also required.
  • Securing a date with a competent doctor.
  • A follow-up of the patient during his stay in Spain.
  • Secure Spoken English companion.
  • Rent an apartment close to the place of treatment.
  • The reception from the airport and hospital admission.
  • The translation of documents and assets ratification by the competent authorities.
  • Rental car with / without spoken English driver.

You can get one or more of these services or the entire package. To request any of these services and to obtain more information and a list of prices Please email the Medical Services Section

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